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I’m LaTrecia Doyle, I empowerment women to Love, Laugh and Mind Their Business! I am also a published author, freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter, video scripter and Virtual Assistant.


“your book is so full of info that can heal us beyond the spiritual … all I can say is that it is a must read. I have been truly blessed with all the information and I am ready to start Minding My Own Business….. ME!!!!”

~ Diane


“Years ago, I knew u were special. Bless you Treci and all of your endeavors!!!”

~ Caretta


“I saw the cover tears already started rolling because I am so proud of you, admire you and love you so much.”

~ Nikki


“Great book!”

~ Alicia


“I must say I enjoyed speaking with you”

~ Vowero “Lady VGlobal”


“I received it [the book] and I love it. My girlfriend asked to read it. It came just in time, I’m trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

~ Ruby

“You inspire me and you don’t even know it. Thank you.”

~ Damitra

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