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I’m LaTrecia Doyle, I empower women to Love, Laugh and Mind Their Business! I am also a published author, freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter, video scripter and Virtual Assistant.


“your book is so full of info that can heal us beyond the spiritual … all I can say is that it is a must read. I have been truly blessed with all the information and I am ready to start Minding My Own Business….. ME!!!!”

~ Diane


“Years ago, I knew u were special. Bless you Treci and all of your endeavors!!!”

~ Caretta


“I saw the cover tears already started rolling because I am so proud of you, admire you and love you so much.”

~ Nikki


“Great book!”

~ Alicia


“I must say I enjoyed speaking with you”

~ Vowero “Lady VGlobal”


“I received it [the book] and I love it. My girlfriend asked to read it. It came just in time, I’m trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

~ Ruby

“You inspire me and you don’t even know it. Thank you.”

~ Damitra

“I’ve also shared this book good read. Womens physical and mental health guide to minding her own business. Because we are so busy taking care business we forget to take care of ourselves.”


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